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The farm

Avoland is located at Gawler/North Motton on the fertile North West Coast. We have successfully established a 1000+ tree orchard of Avocados on our property. There are several varieties, but Hass is the main fruit grown and marketed. The fabulous, red basalt soils in our orchard, combined with the long (up to 15 months) ripening period possible in the Tasmanian climate, produces avocados with a rich, butter nuttiness of which you have likely not tasted.

The farmers

Myself, Paul Bidwell, and my wife Maria originally grew avocados in Western Australia but moved to Tasmania in 2009 in order to downsize/ find a slower paced life, whilst continue to enjoy growing the most nutritious fruit in the world now recognized as a super food. We spent a lot of time looking for the perfect location in Tassie. We considered soils, weather, location and many other factors but ended up deciding that the mild temperate climate of the North West would be the best spot to grow avocados in this state. So a few years later we find ourselves with 3 Hectares of Avocados which have grown better than we could have imagined. Our favourite way to eat avocados is smashed on an English toasted muffin, topped with Tassie smoked Salmon and sprinkled with Rocket, yum.

The farming

Both Maria and I believe passionately in the environment, sustainable living and producing very high quality fruit. Whilst not certified organic we believe in organic principles. We do use commercial fertiliser blends but don’t require the use of any pesticides as Avocados don’t have any pest issues in Tasmania. Avocados, being a rainforest tree, are well adapted to handle Tasmania’s wet conditions without the need for fungicides. Not only do these long-ripened avocados have a superior flavor to the imported ones, they are also healthier as they have not have to been fumigated with methyl bromide upon entry to the state, as they are conventionally.