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Blessed Nest Farm

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03 6254 7311
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PO Box 33
Tunnack , Tasmania 7120


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Chicken Eggs 2

The farm

Blessed Nest Farm is in the Beautiful Highlands of the Southern Midlands. Our farm is approximately 48 acres.

Being situated in central Tasmania means we have easy access to both the North and South of the State. Living in a quiet small Tassie town with very little chemical use gives us the opportunity to farm organically with the pure air and water that Tassie is known for, something that was very important to our family.

The farmers

Our farm is a family farm that we share with our 5 children. After being married 15 year ago we knew we had to get on the land where we both feel the most at home. Having both had rural upbringings we knew that small family farming was how we wanted to raise our children and live our lives.

We have owned our Tassie farm for 7 years.

Our favourite product would have to be our eggs. I just love seeing the sunny yolks and they are definitely a big hit will all our kids. Our favorite way to eat and prepare them is just as an omelet. Great eggs don’t have to be fancy, simple really is best.

The farming

Our farming philosophy is an eclectic organic mix of many different ideas that are always evolving as we learn more and more about sustainable methods locally and worldwide. We also aim to be as close to zero waste as possible and really try to close loops on the farm and turn waste into opportunities. We welcome our egg cartons back to be used in our seedling production and process our own poultry waste as compost on site to be used in food production.

Our laying hens are moved around our property like gypsy chickens in movable housing. We keep our stocking densities low and rotate different species of animals throughout the property.

We are really proud to be able to offer an Organically Fed Hen egg. We only feed Certified Organic feed which is the only way we can guarantee a product that is not only free of chemical and pesticides but also contains no GMO products.