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Drifting Farm

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435 Shelly Beach Rd
Koonya , Tasmania 7187


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The farm

Drifting Farm is a 9 acre property located at Koonya, only 1 hour and 10 minutes from Hobart. The property fronts Shelly Beach and has pure, fresh coastal air with spring-fed clean water.

We are planting 2.5 acres of pinot noir grapes plus a market garden that continues to develop, featuring various berries, asparagus, garlic, potatoes, saffron and a variety of seasonal produce.

The farmers

The farmers are myself, Tanya, my partner, Clinton, our daughter, Chloe, and occasional fly-in daughter, Paige. (Oh.... and our scarecrow, Fred). Coming from corporate and construction sectors we are new to farming, despite our family heritages having a background in farming both in Northern Tasmania and NSW.

Our dream is to work on the farm full time without the need for alternative income streams. As we sit on our yet to be built deck sipping a “Drifting Farm Pinot Noir” at the end of the day, we’ll overlook the vineyard and savour the fresh produce from the farm that we have been successfully growing and selling to the local community, restaurants and tourists.

Our favourite produce is our garlic, we use it in countless ways- roasted, in pestos, and in stir frys, enjoying both the scapes and the cloves. Clinton has a penchant for our purple potatoes which are also popular with tourists, while Tanya likes fresh picked and BBQ’d zuchinni.

The farming

We're trying to grow naturally in a natural environment, using some of the old fashioned tips we got from Grandma. She may be 100, but we still call her for advice on everything from pest management to guidance on what to plant and when!

Everything we grow is currently tended by hand with care - we hand water, hand pull weeds and because we do this we are learning more about our plants every day.