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Healthy Treats by Mrs Rees

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0400 193 590
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2 Thomas St., North Hobart
Hobart , Tasmania 7000


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The makers

Jonathan and Charlotte Rees are the makers of the treats! We are married and have 2 children Sebastian (6) and Tom (2). We met in the UK when Jon came to train up the kitchen team of a restaurant Charlotte was managing. Charlotte is originally from Tasmania but spent 8 years in the UK. Jonathan is originally from Wales but spent most of his life as a chef in London. We decided to move back to Tasmania for a better quality of life. We still remember visiting Salamanca market when we arrived back in December 2003 and being amazed at the quality of the produce there compared to the UK.  

Jon has been in cheffing since his early teens...looking at 30 years now and I have been in various forms of hospitality in Tasmania and the UK for 20 years. Healthy Treats by Mrs Rees was formed by just Charlotte, after Sebastian turned 2. I was finding the balance of being a new Mum and managing the cafe in Fullers Bookshop a tricky balance. I was also becoming interested in unrefined sugars and noticed that all baked treats out there were full of highly processed ingredients and rarely free range eggs. So I decided to start my own small business making an energy slice and it expanded rapidly from there! A year later there was enough business for Jon to give up his full time job to come on board. The business has been going for 4.5 years in total and as a partnership for 3.5 years.

Our favourites?...It really depends on the time of day!…. For breakfast I love our cacao and hazelnut spread on a hot croissant, for a pick me up during the day a cacao and date ball (especially on the side of a coffee), for a decadent afternoon tea I love to team our 3C brownie with some local raspberries. On a cool Tassie evening I love to enjoy our Tasmanian Summer Fruit Raw Chocolate with a glass of red wine….

The making

We mainly use organic ingredients and source from Tasmania wherever possible. Oure treats are truly healthy as we don’t use any refined sugars and only use the highest quality ingredients. We also have a free range only egg policy! All of our products are handmade and it's our philosophy to employ a person before buying a biscuit roller. Our packaging has been designed and printed in Tasmania by 100% Tasmanian owned firms and we also source our ingredients through local suppliers. We aim to cater for as many dietary choices and intolerances as possible.

if you are a ceoliac or gluten intolerant you can enjoy our products without worry because we are a genuine gluten free operation so there is no risk of cross contamination. We also buy all of our ingredients in bulk from gluten free operators. Despite this, we are not intolerant to gluten ourselves so it has to pass our wheat loving tastebuds. Hence, we make sure it tastes really delicious!! If you buy from us you are not only supporting a local, Tasmanian business but you are really are supporting our family directly, so thanks


Here I (Charlotte) am at the Hobart Farmgate Market. You can find me there most Sundays.

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