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The farm Avoland is located at Gawler/North Motton on the fertile North West Coast. We have successfully established a 1000+ tree orchard of Avocados on our property. There are several varieties, but Hass is the main fruit grown and marketed. The fabulous, red basalt soils in our orchard, combined with the long (up to 15 months) ripening period possible in the Tasmanian climate, produces avocados with a rich, butter nuttiness of which you have likely not tasted. The farmers Myself, Paul Bidwell, and my wife Maria originally grew avocados in Western Australia but moved to Tasmania in 2009 in order to downsize/ find a slower paced life, whilst continue to enjoy growing the most nutritious fruit in the world now recognized as a super food. We spent a lot of time looking for the perfect location in Tassie. We considered soils, weather, location and many other factors but ended up deciding that the mild temperate climate of the North West would be the... More
Basil Girl
The Farm ’The Basil Girl' (me!) is located on a small 5 acre farm in Gardners Bay, close to Cygnet. The acreage is beautiful flat creek-side pasture. The property has a small market garden (currently around 1/2 acre) with the rest being devoted to pasture for my horses; and my free-ranging chooks and ducks. The Farmer I (Christina) have been gardening for nearly 10 years as a way to grow my own food and indulge my passion for vegetables, but this is my first year as a ‘serious’ producer. I moved to Tasmania from the UK 15 years ago after falling in love with the place while I was backpacking; and I haven’t looked back. The Farming I grow using organic principles (spray free!), and enjoy integrating the horses, chooks and ducks into my garden and pasture management. I have discovered that I am passionate about growing interesting and different varieties of vegetables & herbs that add flair and flavour to a meal. I love basil (as you can tell) and this year have trialled several... More
Big River Highland Beef
The farm Big River Highland Beef is located in the Derwent Valley at Plenty. The property is 220 acres on the side of a hill overlooking the magnificent Derwent River. The herd of approximately 100 head of Highland cattle grazes mostly on native grasses and is an integral part of the sustainable land management of the farm. The farmers Myself, Bec Lynd, and Bec Tudor started farming in 2010 and launched Big River Highland Beef as a commercial enterprise in 2015 and immediately started selling into some of Hobart’s most prestigious restaurants. We live on our farm and work full-time in Hobart. We plan to one day work full-time in the Derwent Valley, and operate as a mixed-purpose farm with an agri-tourism experience. We love beef and enjoy learning how to cook all the different cuts. At the moment some of our favourite dishes are twice-cooked ribs, slow braised shin and slow roasted brisket. We also process kidney fat to make traditional suet and use this in baking.... More
Blessed Nest Farm
The farm Blessed Nest Farm is in the Beautiful Highlands of the Southern Midlands. Our farm is approximately 48 acres. Being situated in central Tasmania means we have easy access to both the North and South of the State. Living in a quiet small Tassie town with very little chemical use gives us the opportunity to farm organically with the pure air and water that Tassie is known for, something that was very important to our family. The farmers Our farm is a family farm that we share with our 5 children. After being married 15 year ago we knew we had to get on the land where we both feel the most at home. Having both had rural upbringings we knew that small family farming was how we wanted to raise our children and live our lives. We have owned our Tassie farm for 7 years. Our favourite product would have to be our eggs. I just love seeing the sunny yolks and they are definitely a big hit will all our kids. Our favorite way to eat and prepare them is just as an omelet. Great... More
Clifton Farm
The farm Clifton Farm is in the heart of the Huon Valley on the confluence of the Huon and Mountain Rivers; just a stones throw from where our convict forebears first settled. The farmers We, David and Melissa Frankcomb and our three young sons, are the farmers at Clifton Farm. We started our business in 2008 and have been working hard to produce high quality, sustainable food. The farming We farm using organic permaculture principals. Our focus has been on restoring natural balances to our fields, one paddock at a time. Over the last few years we have begun to reduce soil compaction, introduce soil microbes, reinstate natural wetland water courses and keep the wallaby’s to the riparian areas. We are now seeing improved grass and clover growth, which in turn produces delicious, naturally slow grown rare breed lamb. They are 100% grass fed, and graze in fields, a hazelnut grove and old apple & cherry spray-free orchards. More recently we have been working on a smaller area for an intensive... More
Cluny Farm
The farm My cattle are running on a 90-hectare property along the Plenty River in the Derwent Valley. The property has been continuously cropped for many years prior to getting the opportunity to run cattle on it. Because funds to go in with wholesale pasture resowing, it was necessary to use a slower but cheaper method of encouraging pastures to grow.  This was to introduce a grazing regime that focus' on the land and rest and recovery for the plants. Within 12 months I was seeing introduced grass species like rye grass that had bee sown over the years re-emerge. Cattle numbers fluctuated according to feed availability and the way the season was going. I was raised on a family farm at Ouse and farmed my whole life. I now work as executive officer at Landcare Tasmania, a volunteer organization which is the peak body in Tasmania charged with looking after the landcare volunteers around the state. This change of tack is enabling me to continue with my passion for... More
Cupboard Love
The Maker I, Rose Crane, am the owner and maker of Cupboard Love Tasmania preserves. I was the previous owner of Sweet Chilli Pepper Cafe in Sorell but began producing Cupboard Love Tasmania products about 12 months ago. I was very encouraged and excited to win a silver award in the Fine Food Awards 2015 for our Tomato Relish! I have a few favourite products. My number one would be Quince & Rosemary Jelly. Its beautiful rich ruby red colour is captivating. The flavour is sweet and delicate with a rosemary undertone.This is superb with a soft brie or a creamy blue cheese. My number two would be Quince & Ginger Paste which has a subtle quince flavour with a zing of ginger producing a surprising lift to the palate, also wonderful with cheeses and as a glaze for meats. My number three is Bell Pepper, Onion & Chilli Relish (new recipe). This relish is sweet, tangy and spicy. Perfect with a ploughman’s lunch or cold meats. Cupboard Love... More
Drifting Farm
The farm Drifting Farm is a 9 acre property located at Koonya, only 1 hour and 10 minutes from Hobart. The property fronts Shelly Beach and has pure, fresh coastal air with spring-fed clean water. We are planting 2.5 acres of pinot noir grapes plus a market garden that continues to develop, featuring various berries, asparagus, garlic, potatoes, saffron and a variety of seasonal produce. The farmers The farmers are myself, Tanya, my partner, Clinton, our daughter, Chloe, and occasional fly-in daughter, Paige. (Oh.... and our scarecrow, Fred). Coming from corporate and construction sectors we are new to farming, despite our family heritages having a background in farming both in Northern Tasmania and NSW. Our dream is to work on the farm full time without the need for alternative income streams. As we sit on our yet to be built deck sipping a “Drifting Farm Pinot Noir” at the end of the day, we’ll overlook the vineyard and savour the fresh produce from the farm that we have been... More
Dry Ideas
The farm Dry Ideas is the world's most southern commercial tea fields and is located south of Hobart in a quiet valley in the hills behind Margate on the edge of the Huon Valley in the foothills of Mount Wellington (Kunanyi). The Dry Ideas farm is 3½ ha in size and consists of about ½ha of tea, ½ha of ornamental gardens, a small netted sour cherry orchard, 1½ha of remnant pasture and the remainder is undergoing bush regeneration as a wildlife sanctuary in line with Rainforest Alliance principles. The farm has a deep fertile loam soil and a permanent creek running through it. Irrigation water is obtained from mountain-fed spring wells and a bore, then distributed by carbon-neutral solar pumps to the tea fields and gardens. The site has a long and successful history of growing small fruit as well as apples, plums and pears. Being the only tea fields in Tasmania we are isolated from pests and diseases enabling us to be truly pesticide free. The Teas... More
Forcett Cherry Tomatoes
The farm Forcett Cherry Tomatoes is located in a valley of eucalypts with beautiful views over Frederick Henry Bay. The farm is 13 acres.  The farmers We believe we are looking after the land for future generations and constantly improving and working on the natural values on which we grow our food. We are conservationists who work many hours on the land to set an example that organic is best. We have always been interested in farming, especially growing our own food. In the last 10 years we have had more time to expand and spend more time nurturing our property. We grow an abundant supply of organic vegetables. We spend many hours cooking and freezing our own food. We grow garlic, pumpkins, silverbeet, broad beans, string beans, zucchini, carrots, parsnips, beetroot and many more. We love growing Rouge de Mamade and Cherry Tomatoes of which we have an abundant supply. The farming Our farming practices are based on organic and permaculture practices. All irrigation is from... More