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Glendale Olives
The farm Glendale Olives is nestled in the rolling hills between Evandale and White Hills, in Northern Tasmania, 6km from the historic town of Evandale. 15ha of olives make up the olive grove, with 7 varieties of olives across the grove. This area is traditionally considered to be most suited to sheep farming, but this beautiful rural setting is now flourishing as one of the largest olive groves in Tasmania. The farmers Farmer is Christine Mann, a fourth-generation farmer, now farming next door to the original family farm. My interest in trees began as a child, climbing a huge pear tree in the farm orchard, progressing to a surveyor in a company growing trees and now producing olive oil from over 9,000 trees. Having grown up on a farm I guess farming is in my blood. My family purchased the farm in 2013, having watched the olive trees grow since they were planted in 2005. My favourite oil is Frantoio, which is being marketed in the green labelled bottle and called... More
Healthy Treats by Mrs Rees
The makers Jonathan and Charlotte Rees are the makers of the treats! We are married and have 2 children Sebastian (6) and Tom (2). We met in the UK when Jon came to train up the kitchen team of a restaurant Charlotte was managing. Charlotte is originally from Tasmania but spent 8 years in the UK. Jonathan is originally from Wales but spent most of his life as a chef in London. We decided to move back to Tasmania for a better quality of life. We still remember visiting Salamanca market when we arrived back in December 2003 and being amazed at the quality of the produce there compared to the UK.   Jon has been in cheffing since his early teens...looking at 30 years now and I have been in various forms of hospitality in Tasmania and the UK for 20 years. Healthy Treats by Mrs Rees was formed by just Charlotte, after Sebastian turned 2. I was finding the balance of being a new Mum and managing the cafe in Fullers Bookshop a tricky balance. I was also becoming interested in unrefined... More
The farm Our farm “Humbie” is 10 minutes from Bothwell (towards Hamilton) in the Central Highlands. The farm has a north-facing aspect and looks out over rolling hills towards Table Mountain and the Blue Hill. We have a sheep and cropping farm, approximately 2200 acres. Rhubarb is a means of diversifying for the farm; we have started with roughly 80 plants (bigger than a garden patch, but not farming scale!). We are lucky enough to have great basalt and dolerite soils, bush land, and river frontage. Rhubarb thrives in frosty conditions, and Bothwell is perfect for that! It can also sustain heavy periods of no rain, and up here, it grows all year round. The farmers ‘Humbie’ is now in its fourth generation of the Ellis family. My husband Guy, his great grandparents bought the property around 1900 and his grandparents built the house on it in 1956. His grandmother, Betty, came from an early Tasmanian farming family, the Shoobridges, who settled in the Derwent Valley in the mid-1800s and were... More
Ian Burleigh
The farm Lackey’s Hill Estate, our large-ish hobby farm, is located in a very dry area in the lower Southern Midlands, approximately 36 km north of Hobart. The farm is approximately 120 Hectares in total. Much of the land is hilly with significant amounts of rocky outcrops on the elevated slopes. About ⅓ of the farm has cleared paddocks, with some quite nice black clay soil which is suitable for vegetables and other broad-acre crops. The farm has about 100 crossbred sheep for fat lamb production and an abandoned vineyard. The farm is situated in one of the driest parts of the state, and has abundant sunshine and bracing winds. There is quite a population of native animals that share the farm, as well as a healthy population of hares. There is a mixture of blue gums and other eucalypts interspersed with wattles and prickly-box ( Bursaria spinosa ), which makes lovely aromatic cigar box honey. The eastern facing slopes capture maximum sunlight. In winter it is very, very cold often -2 degrees C.... More
Killiecrankie Farm
The farm Killiecrankie Farm is nestled in the rural heartlands of the West Tamar, just 10 minutes west of Exeter, and 30 minutes north west of Launceston. Our small holding farm is run on Sustainable Management principles. At only 21 hectares, the farm is split based on the suitability of that micro climate to various land uses ranging from pastures, agroforestry, home yards, vegie patches, commercial nursery, water/riparian protection, wildlife corridors and nature reserves. The farm site has some challenges, degraded sols, cold air drainage, seasonal flooding and parching and low rainfall, just to name a few! But we love it here and have chosen to combat these issues by farming species specifically adapted to the soils, weather and available water resources. The farmers The Killiecrankie farmers are husband and wife team Lee & Chris, ex-townies from Canberra and Sydney. We moved to Tasmania 20 years ago, following work and decided to stay. Since then we have bought the farm and are raising a... More
Kindred Feijoas
The farm Our business, Kindred Feijoas, is nestled amongst the fertile farming land and beautiful scenery of the North-West coast of Tasmania. The 2 acres includes 96 feijoa trees, other fruit trees and a variety of different vegetables.  Feijoas originate in Brazil but are now grown extensively in New Zealand and increasingly, in other states of Australia. They are delightful consumer fresh and add a distinctive flavour to cakes, jams, chutneys, ice-creams and even wines. The vegetables grown include Jerusalem artichokes, horseradish and herbs: the latter aquaponically with the trout for home consumption.  The property is underlain by the fertile basaltic loam and adjacent to a stand of mature eucalyptus trees. Birdlife is abundant due to the flowers and shrubs in the garden. This is advantageous because feijoas are pollinated by birds, not insects! The farmers John, a retired mineral exploration geologist, and myself, Christine, a keen... More
La Casa Vieja
The farm Our farm is located at Huonville, overlooking Sleeping Beauty Mountain Range and the Huon River. We have a total of 7 acres with approximately 1 acre of orchard, 1 acre of parkland and 6 acres of pasture for cows and chickens. La Casa Vieja has one of the original farm houses and apple orchards in the Huon Valley dating back to circa 1910. Some of the original apple trees are still producing and will be available for sale. The farmer  The farm is run by myself, Rachel Lehmann Ware. I am a real estate agent during the day and farmer when not busy selling houses. My husband, daughter and mother and father all help out whether it be milking the cows, collecting eggs or harvesting fruit. Our family moved to the Huon Valley in late 2011 and inherited the stunning orchard with the purchase of the property. My parents have been farming a little longer and have raised beef and dairy cattle, pigs, goats, chickens and are now focussed on organic cheese, sauce, preserves and bread production.... More
Longley Organic Farm
The farm Conveniently located just 17 km south of Hobart, we can efficiently supply Hobart outlets. Nestled on river flats beside Mt Wellington National Park, our produce, grown using organic methods, is pesticide and chemical free. We use Microfarming techniques involving constant crop cultivation and rotation without the use of any heavy machinery. This ensures healthy bio-active soils resulting in higher disease resistance and more nutrient dense food crops. Food production occurs over 4 ½ acres, the remaining 7 acres comprises native forest, heathland and river flats. We have successfully implemented major weed removal and regeneration programs on our property, which is a haven for wildlife, birds and insects. Our logo is based on the characteristic leaf of the Guitar plant, a Tasmanian native plant growing on our property. The farmers Longley Organic Farm is a small family business. Operating for 10 years it is owned and managed by myself Hermione and my partner James together with our... More
Mt. Seymour Farm Fresh
The farm Our farm is located at Mt. Seymour near Oatlands. It comprises 47 acres of mostly grazing land with a bush area set aside for regeneration. We have an established herb garden and working towards being self sufficient. We share our farm with horses, Dexter cattle, sheep, pigs, chooks and 2 dogs but our main focus has become herb growing. We believe the combination of light soils and drier midlands climate will allow us to grow herbs with naturally more intense flavours. The farmers We, Chris and Angie, are the farmers at Mt. Seymour Farm Fresh. I‘m a Ranger with Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, most of my life has been spent working on conservation of remote places. My wife, Angie loves horses, is very passionate about ethical stock management and training her 4 legged children Maddy and Barry, the kelpies! We moved to Tasmania in 2010 to begin our farming dream. We love being able to walk out the back door and pick our own fresh vegies for the meal of the moment and whatever... More
Petcheys Bay Organic Farm
The farm Petcheys Bay Organic Farm is located on the pristine Huon River with views from the apple and pear orchard across to the spectacular Hartz Mountains. Our 25 acre property is nestled in a valley surrounded by native bush, providing habitat for wildlife. The property has been managed organically for 50 odd years and has held organic certification since 1987. The farmers Myself, Ruth and my husband Darren are farmers by day and artists by night! We have been farming at Petcheys Bay for two seasons and have big ideas for our property, including plans to expand and regenerate the existing orchard into a permaculture orchard and to build an art gallery and retreat. Darren’s favourite fruit that we produce is the Chojuro Asian Pear, a sweet, juicy, smooth eating pear, refreshing straight off the tree. I love the Stripey Fuji Apple, a delicious juicy and crisp apple, especially yummy honey flavoured when tree ripened. The farming... More