Our team

Sprout Tasmania is a not for profit dedicating to supporting local food producers who would like to get their ideas in the ground, growing and to market. Our team is passionate about connecting Tasmanian producers with consumers and ensuring that you have access to ethically grown great tasting food. Fork to Fork is one of our exciting new initiatives; founded by the Sprout board and implemented by our dedicated team. 

There are 22 volunteers who work together with our CEO Dr Alice Percy and General Manager Jennifer Robinson to manage Fork to Fork.

CEO & Co-Founder

Alice completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Tasmania and has a PhD in Agricultural Science. Alice’s research involves climate change, sustainable methods of food and beverage production, soil health and organic pest control. Alice has been working in the food and beverage industry for the past 18 years in a variety of roles including Research and Development Manager for Renew where she project managed over $2 million in funding from the Federal Government. Alice loves bringing communities and people together, values honesty and loves networking. Alice believes that everyone has something to offer but they just need the opportunity to be heard.

General Manager

Jennifer spent the last decade in Sydney working in both the private and Higher Education sectors and recently returned to Tasmania in May 2014. She is excited to return to her home state, and to reconnect with her family, friends and local community.

Jennifer is an avid gardener and has an appreciation of the importance of home grown food and buying local produce. She hopes to instill the same philosophy in her children. Sprout’s vision and mission ring true to her values.

Sprout Board

Sprout was founded by Tony Scherer and Dr Alice Percy in late 2011. Tony Scherer is the President of Sprout. He is a native Californian, growing up in Santa Cruz, where he started growing and selling produce at the age of seven. Tony has grown both vegetables and fruit crops commercially, started an organic wholesale and delivery business, is a guru on composting, and all round nice guy.

The Executive of Sprout includes Tony Scherer (President), Ian Locke (Treasurer and Chair), Hannah Martin (Public Officer). Other Directors of Sprout include Cameron Johns, Amanda Woollams and Rob Batten. The board has a diverse range of skills from farming to marketing and business management.