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Petcheys Bay Organic Farm

Contact information
0438 561 468
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Petcheys Bay
Petcheys Bay , Tasmania 7109


Name Product quantity
Apples and Pears 19
Fuji 2
Fruit 2

The farm

Petcheys Bay Organic Farm is located on the pristine Huon River with views from the apple and pear orchard across to the spectacular Hartz Mountains.

Our 25 acre property is nestled in a valley surrounded by native bush, providing habitat for wildlife.

The property has been managed organically for 50 odd years and has held organic certification since 1987.

The farmers

Myself, Ruth and my husband Darren are farmers by day and artists by night!

We have been farming at Petcheys Bay for two seasons and have big ideas for our property, including plans to expand and regenerate the existing orchard into a permaculture orchard and to build an art gallery and retreat.

Darren’s favourite fruit that we produce is the Chojuro Asian Pear, a sweet, juicy, smooth eating pear, refreshing straight off the tree. I love the Stripey Fuji Apple, a delicious juicy and crisp apple, especially yummy honey flavoured when tree ripened.

The farming

We are incorporating permaculture principals: reduce human interference, increase soil health by promoting natural processes such as companion planting, mulching, use of animals to suppress weeds, provide fertiliser, and to encourage healthy growth of microorganisms in the soil.

WE do everything on the farm from the earth up to ensure we’re directly in touch with each and every tree and piece of fruit we grow. We think this is pretty special as our customers can trust that they are getting fruit that is grown, picked and packed by us with the express goal to produce nutritious food of the highest quality that NATURE PROVIDES.