50g HuonOolong Tea Tasmanian grown

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A low tannin oolong tea with a delicious aroma, flavour and very little astringency. Produced at the worlds most southern tea fields in Allens Rivulet, a quite valley in the foothills of Mount Wellington, just south of Hobart. We have been growing and marketing green tea for over 20 years and have just started making black and oolong style teas. Our oolong uses freshly harvest, succulent shoot tips which are picked and allowed to wither, developing flavour for a few days. The leaves are then crushed by hand  and allowed to slowly part-oxidase the polyphenols prior to drying, making the tea a golden brown colour.  The natural sweetness of the tea and the low astringency means that HuonOolong is extremely refreshing. Take a few minutes to brew and savour a cup of HuonOolong Tea.  Enjoy the flavour of tea grown and crafted with care. You will be enriched by the experience.  

HuonOolong tea is grown in Tasmania without the use of pesticides and uses solar energy for irrigation and processing. This Tasmanian fair trade tea is ethically produced under all Australian standards and laws.

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