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Van Diemen Garlic

Contact information
0458 249 206
Shipping address
107 Waterworks Rd
Hobart , Tasmania 7005


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The farm

Van Diemen Garlic is located in The Channel region at Middleton, 45 minutes from Hobart . We currently produce garlic on a small plot less than an acre in size.

The farm in nestled between tall wooded hills and the beautiful D'Entrecasteaux Channel. The farm is incredibly peaceful and we share the environs with wedge tail eagles, white goshawks, small bats, wallabies, quolls and have the occasional sighting of a Tasmanian Devil.

The soils are rich loam, developed over the centuries from the erosion of both sandstone and basalt. This makes them both nutrient rich and well-draining.

The farmer

I, Mat, have been farming for 5 years on a small scale. My emphasis is on the production of hand-crafted garlic, with a focus on quality and using organic methods to create a sustainable farm system. Six generations of family have farmed this land, and ancestral hands have been turned to apples, pears, black currants and other small fruits and cattle.

The farming

The focus is on the production of spray-free, organic garlic. Currently, 8 different varieties are grown – each with their own unique character.

Grow beds are rotated every 1-2 years and in addition green manure is used to replenish soils. We believe through a combination of a number of factors our garlic is some of the best that can be purchased in Australia.