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Wellington Apiary

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0407 045 069
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112 King Street Sandy Bay
Hobart , Tasmania 7005


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The farm

Our apiaries are located where our bees can access nectar to produce the variety of honey we are seeking. Hives in the beautiful Coal Rover Valley produce Prickly Box, Hobart Wildlflower are from our bees accessing nectar from gardens around Hobart and hives located at the foothills of Kunanyi/Mt Wellington, and the Leatherwood apiaries are in the River Gordon National Park in Western Tasmania.

The farmers

The apiarists are myself, Antonia O’Brien and my husband, Robin. Robin is also a firefighter and Antonia had a previous life in the public service.

We have been beekeepers since 2009, and what started as an interest soon turned into a small business after we could not maintain demand for our honey.

Honeycomb is our favourite produce, it’s straight for the hive, smells amazing, is nature in its purest form and to know how long it took for the bees to make it and how, is amazing.

The farming

Our beekeeping philosophies are simple. Minimal intervention of the hive and bees, we wax dip our hives, so no paint and no chemical infiltration in our honey, we make our bee boxes and frames by hand, and we do not feed our bees sugar syrup. So we allow each hive to have sufficient honey store to keep them happy and healthy over winter and as such we have happy, healthy and productive bees.

We cream our honey in a way that no one else does. It is mousse-like and creamy with intense flavours.

Each variety is distinctly different. Together with our wax dipped hives means no risk of chemicals in our honey and every process being undertaken by hand – the result is pure raw Tasmanian honey, unheated, untreated, coarse filtered and organically produced.