Who we are

Who is behind Fork to Fork?

Fork to Fork is a project of Sprout Tasmania. Sprout Tasmania is a grassroots, not‐for‐profit organisation supporting small Tasmanian food producers get their ideas into the ground, growing and to market. Sprout Tasmania helps connect consumers to ethically and environmentally grown Tasmanian produce. To read about our Board and the incredible people who make Sprout possible check out the Sprout Tasmania website where you can become a member.

How did Fork to Fork start?

Fork to Fork started as many good ideas do....on the back of a coffee napkin.

In 2011 Alice Percy (CEO and Co‐Founder) and Natalia Urosevic (past Board Member and Co Owner Hill Street Grocer) sat down to brainstorm project ideas for Sprout.

An online farmers market was one of the ideas. Over the next 3 years the Sprout Tasmania team grew their network and started asking questions about the needs of producers. During their annual conference (Cross Pollinate) the need for a new way of getting produce to markets and a facility to sell online was discussed.

In late 2015, Nysha Munro (Project Manager) and Erika Avellaneda Celis (Project Manager) began as volunteers to get the online market place off the ground. By January 2015 a name was chosen and in June 2015 the Sprout Tasmania team with the help of 279 supporters raised $30,000AUD in start up funds on Pozible.

What we believe and want to see

We believe it should be easy to access good food.

We believe that a strong food community will benefit all.

We work closely with Tasmanian producers and and our vision of Tasmania’s future includes:

  • Numerous small producers across Tasmania
  • Food grown ethically and environmentally
  • Small producers collaborating and sharing
  • Small producers using innovative technologies
  • More support and assistance for small producers
  • A diversity of crops
  • Value‐adding
  • Agri‐tourism